How To Make It Easier To Produce Better Sales Copy

Improving your sales copy so that you can make more money is not something you can accomplish in just one night; you need to give it time to work. The key to your sales copy success is your ability to be able to make the right changes in the right places in your sales copy. The purpose of this article is to show you how can go about improving your sales copy effectively…

Know Your Numbers: Before you can improve things and make more money you need to thoroughly understand the point from which you are beginning. In other words, you should know your numbers well, such as how many visitors you are getting per month, the number of sales per visitor, your average conversion rate, etc. One of the first things that you can do, while things are still a little blurry, if you want them to get better, is to start measuring your numbers now. “Hits per month” means something different than “unique visitors per month” and it is important to know the difference. You also need to know your conversion rate because, as you make regular changes to your sales copy, you will know where you are going and how much improvement has been made. Knowing your current performance metrics will play a major role in assisting you in your attempts to improve that performance.

Real and Basic Language: A great way to improve your conversion rate and help your sales copy perform better is to infuse it with a conversational tone. Don’t ever forget that actual people are reading your sales copy and they want to read something from a real person as well. Try to avoid corporate sounding lingo or sounding too professional as this will only backfire on you. Forget what your competitors are doing and focus on being genuine and authentic in your approach. Try to find a voice of our own and you will have far more people responding to your offers. Using too much of jargon in your sales copy will bring down your conversion rate, rather than increasing it. Your prospects will take all of your points seriously and that is why simple language works best.

Fear of Loss: Many direct marketers employ the “fear of loss” factor in their copy to help them get faster sales in shorter time periods.

When you make your prospects fear loss you will put a deadline on their contemplation period which helps them decide to buy from you sooner instead of later. Nobody wants to miss out on a good deal so if you add the fear of scarcity into your copy or some other kind of sense of urgency, you will seem all that more irresistible to important buying prospects.

In summary, getting as much as possible from your sales copy isn’t just about making a single improvement, it is about regularly testing out new ideas to find the one that makes a difference.

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